Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Life Lately

Just a few cute things I wanted to make a note of that have been going on with our family lately. Cute/silly things the kids have said or things they are interested in as of late.

The kids are so into scary stories right now, Jake and I have gotten pretty creative with our story telling capabilities. I tell a great scary version of basically any Disney movie, just throw in a ghost here or there and they love it!!

The kids are also really into telling jokes right now too - 90% of the jokes go something like this: "What do you call a dog with no feet? .... No feet dog!!! ha ha ha ha ha"

We recently watched the movie SING and the girls have been saying "Oh.my.gosh! Look at her butt!" It's really great when they say this while we are out running errands at stores... not!!

When we were driving back from buying some new summer clothes Marlie told me, "Mom, don't tell dad about how much money we spent on clothes, he might be frustrated."

"Mom, just close your eyes."  Marlie always says this after I tell her not to do something but she wants to do it anyway.

"Is it going to take a long day?" For some reason I think it's so cute that they say this, they usually mean a long time or all day long but just get the words mixed up.

There is ALWAYS a wedding going on - usually it's June getting married to me, or dad, or Lincoln, or one of her "friends." I think in her mind wedding is synonymous with party, so if she's getting married it's because she wants to dance, wear a pretty dress, and carry flowers.

One of June's favorite books right now is a book about a little girl and her dolls. There is a line in the book that says "These are my dollies and I am there Mommy, their names are Annabelle, Betsy and Bonny." Now whenever we ask her what her friends, or dolls, or animals names are it's always "Betsy and Bonny."

The girls have gotten really good at playing with Lincoln and now Marlie thinks she is his official translator. If he says something I can't understand or if he starts crying she will tell me, "Mom, Lincoln needs his bottle." (Or whatever she thinks he needs at the time.) It's really cute.

I told June the other day that I wanted her to stay close to me at the mall because I didn't want her to get lost and she told me - "Mom, no one would take me! They know that I'm yours!!"

Lincoln has a new obsession with spiders; if he sees any lint, crumb, dirt or anything that even slightly resembles a spider he is down on all fours trying to grab it. "PIDER!!"

We lost a balloon in the wind a few weeks back and ever since then Marlie has had a huge fear of the wind. Anytime we go outside she asks me if her ponytail, toy, food, money, etc. is going to blow away. June on the other hand, walks out the front door everyday and unless it's raining she says "It's a beautiful day!" .

The twins learned that the Holy Ghost can help you find lost things, so they are always asking me to "call" the Holy Ghost to come help them find their lost bouncy ball and lost pink bottle.

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